Social Networks Campaign


Example of a Social Networking Campaign

Often neglected in your digital strategy, the animation of social networks is nevertheless essential for the image you want to convey, or the feeling you want to give to your visitors. It is a really effective process that ensures the rise of your notoriety on the web.

The advantages of animating social networks are numerous:

  • Enhancement of your company's image and brand
  • Increased visibility of your ad and your website
  • More visitors: Internet users also like to participate by commenting, asking for advice and giving opinions.
  • Quality traffic to your website.


This offer includes:

  • 1 post in the feed of the Guide's Facebook page
  • 3 24-hour story on the Guide's Facebook + Instagram pages
  • 1 to 3 photos
  • A text hook of about 5 lines
  • Link to your establishment's website
      79 €

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